Physical Injuries and Emotional Suffering

By March 8, 2020

Physical injuries are painful, crippling and affect many areas in our lives. When we suffer from physical injuries our close friends and families can be compassionate and help with everyday routines such as getting groceries and helping around the house. Our loved ones can be attuned to our needs and dedicate time to support us… Read more »

The Iran Plane Crash: Unexpected Loss and Devastating Tragedy

By January 31, 2020

Unexpected and traumatizing loss can leave us feeling shocked, numb and in disbelief. After hearing about the Iran plane crash carrying several Edmontonians, we were shocked, devastated and heartbroken. Not only do our hearts ache for the friends and family who lost their loved ones, but we grieve as a city and a nation. Our… Read more »

Grief and the Holidays

By December 21, 2019

The holidays can be a very difficult time whether you are experiencing a recent loss or a loss from a long time ago. Holiday activities such as drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, and spending time with close family and friends can make us miss our loved ones even more. We may experience feelings of… Read more »