The Power of Responsibility in Healing From Loss

By September 4, 2017

When we experience loss in our lives, we often feel immense emotional pain. Sometimes the pain is so profound that it leaves us feeling paralyzed and hopeless about the future. It’s as if we are stuck in an emotional prison, unable to escape and incapable of imagining a life without suffering. Over time and without… Read more »

The Pain of Pet Loss

By July 16, 2017

The death of a companion can be a heart-breaking and devastating experience for us; including the loss of a beloved pet. What is so special about our relationship with our pets, is that they truly love us unconditionally and gift us with the purest form of companionship. We often refer to our pets as “family… Read more »

Postpartum Grief: Those Who Do Not Have the Emotional Support of a Parent (Part Six of Six)

By July 11, 2017

In this sixth and final article in our series on Postpartum Grief, our focus in on “Postpartum Grief in Those Who Do Not Have the Emotional Support of a Parent.” The lack of parental support for new parents may be a choice made by the parents themselves or by the grandparents for varying reasons. It may… Read more »