Kenedy Stewart

Kenedy Stewart, B.A., M.C.

Registered Provisional Psychologist | Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
(780) 288-8011

I care deeply about my work with individuals impacted by loss. I am honoured by the opportunity to bear witness to them at their rawest and most vulnerable, to then help them move through discomfort and pain toward healing. Neither my academic nor clinical experience could have better prepared me for such work than the heartbreaking death of my mother. Although we can never truly know the experience of another, I believe this particular loss allows me to sit with others from a place of understanding.

As a Registered Psychologist and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, I have supported individuals who have experienced loss and grief through death, divorce and break-up, infidelity, infertility and miscarriage, intimate partner abuse and domestic violence, sport injury, caregiver burnout, and difficult transitions such as moving, graduation, and retirement.

When not with clients, I enjoy the therapeutic benefits of staying active through equipment Pilates classes, snowboarding, and hiking. As an introverted adventurer, I thoroughly enjoy travelling and getting out to the mountains as often as possible. However, I also value time spent at home reading non-fiction and cuddling with my two cats (i.e. my “furbabies”).

Professional Background

Kenedy Stewart brings forth over 7 years of therapeutic experience. She has been a practicing psychologist since 2017 and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® since 2016. She has extensive experience providing therapy services to both individuals and groups.

Prior to completing her 1600 hour residency as a Registered Provisional Psychologist, Kenedy obtained her Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle. Throughout her studies, she provided case management services to unionized trades workers in the province of Alberta, and therapeutic services for individuals living with mental illness and/or addiction as well as their loved ones. She also completed a clinical internship at both a private practice and non-profit organization.

Following completion of her Master’s degree, Kenedy became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. She had the honour of training under Ashley Mielke, Owner and Founder of The Grief & Trauma Healing Centre.

Kenedy’s educational background also includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Alberta. She received training in crisis management and subsequently volunteered as a Distress Line Listener at what was formerly known as The Support Network of Edmonton.

Other Professional Activities

Kenedy works in the public sector providing therapeutic services to individuals who have experienced physical or psychological injury at work.

Kenedy is driven to continue growing her knowledge base and developing her therapeutic skills through reading, consulting, and training, so as to provide informed care for her clients.

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