Kimberly Hamilton

Kimberly Hamilton, B. Education

Mental Health Therapist | Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
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I believe that loss is an experience most people go through, but not everyone understands how it can impact your life. Over the years, I have lost family members and friends but my greatest loss came after living in Mexico for nine years. I had created a life that was incredibly rich and full, and that had brought me so much joy, but suddenly I was being pulled back to Canada. Grieving something unconventional is not easily understood by others, but it does not mean that the devastation and emptiness is any less significant. Having a new understanding that loss comes in many forms, I feel drawn to provide compassion, empathy and understanding to others.

For the last twenty years, I have been a teacher. Working with children, I have seen their many losses, such as death, divorce or simply moving.  My understanding and awareness of how loss can impact a person for many years to come has deepened. When I first began my career in education, I was unprepared for the amount of emotional support children and teenagers alike truly need in these moments; it is not something they teach us in university.

I began teaching in Edmonton but after five years, my path took me to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I came back to Edmonton focused on a new path: to become a psychologist. Throughout my career, I have been blessed to have been in many types of schools, serving all types of populations. Recently, my role within the school system has shifted. In lieu of being in the classroom, I am now in the role of School Counsellor at a high school.

I am completing my Master of Counselling program at City University of Seattle and am excited and honoured to be working as a Mental Health Therapist at the Grief and Trauma Healing Centre.

Prior to returning back to Canada, I completed my yoga teacher training and am very interested in exploring the different ways our bodies communicate to us. When not studying, I enjoy attending yoga and meditation practices, visiting Puerto Vallarta, and spending time with my friends and family.

Professional Background

Kim completed her Bachelor of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta in 2000. She has taught students at nearly every level, but spent most of her career with children aged 10 through 12. She has experience teaching English, French and she is fluent in Spanish.

Kim is currently finishing up her Master of Counselling degree through City University of Seattle. She completed the Grief Recovery Method training in August of 2019. Additionally, she is registered for EMDR training in the Fall of 2020 has already completed training for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Media and Workshops

Kim has facilitated a workshop on what teachers and high school counsellors need to know about grieving students. She will also be speaking at the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention in February on how to support teachers on what grief looks like in the classroom and how to better support those students.

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