Corporate Talks & Workshops

The Grief & Trauma Healing Centre facilitating corporate workshops

We are proud to offer consulting and experiential corporate workshops that teach executives, team leaders, managers, and HR personnel the tools to support their individuals, teams, and organizations in dealing with grief and loss as well as cultivating a culture of compassion and belonging.

We offer half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops on the topics of Understanding and Managing Grief and Cultivating Compassion and Belonging. Our workshops are tailored to the unique needs and desires of your organization.

Our workshops are great for leadership development, team building, and strengthening the heart-centred skills of individual employees.

Understanding and Managing Grief Workshop Agenda

  • What we have been taught about grief
  • What grief is
  • Forms of loss
  • Confusion about stages
  • Emotional incompleteness
  • Common responses to loss
  • What grief is not
  • Myths of grief
  • Short-term energy relieving behaviours
  • Academy award recovery behaviour
  • Impact of unresolved grief
  • Hidden annual costs of grief in the workplace
  • Signs of unresolved grief
  • The three “F’s” of grief
  • Keys to recovering in the present moment
  • The Grief Recovery Method Program for healing

Cultivating Compassion Workshop Agenda

  • Six pathways to self-compassion
  • How to show up and be seen
  • Common humanity
  • Heart-centred shift
  • Power of emotional and physical presence
  • Power of authenticity
  • Power of non-verbal communication
  • Nurturing your compassion skills
  • Heart-centred responses
  • What to say and what not to say
  • How to acknowledge suffering, invite sharing, validate feelings, and express appreciation
  • Intellectual comments that are not emotionally helpful
  • Recommendations for reading, training, and personal workshops 

For your company’s convenience, the corporate workshop will be delivered at your preferred business location.

Workshop Facilitator

Your workshop facilitator is Ashley Mielke, Registered Psychologist and the Founder and Director of the Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc.

Ashley was called to her purpose during a deeply painful time in her life. After years of witnessing her father struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, he died by suicide when she was just 23. In her deepest moments of sorrow, Ashley could not have fathomed that her father’s suicide would be her invitation to a life of service, purpose, and wholehearted living.

Since her father’s death in 2010, Ashley has committed her life to helping hundreds of human beings across Canada courageously take action to move beyond the pain caused by loss. Ashley has facilitated hundreds of personal workshops and multiple corporate workshops across Canada and has witnessed the incredible transformation in both individuals and teams whom she has had  the privilege of working with.

Ashley leads with compassion, courage, and vulnerability and aims to inspire and instill hope through her story of overcoming. Nothing makes Ashley feel more alive and grateful than the opportunity to impact others lives through the shared human experience of loss.

Your Investment

  • Consultation (per hour) – $225
  • Half-day Workshop (4 hours of facilitation) – $900
  • One-day Workshop (8 hours of facilitation) – $1800
  • Two-day Workshop (16 hours of facilitation) – $3500

Registration and Payment

For registration and payment please call (780) 288 – 8011.

50% of payment is required at the time of booking, and the remaining 50% is due 7 days prior to the workshop event.

Praise for Our Talks & Workshops

“The Rotary Club of Edmonton was pleased to have Ashley be our Keynote Speaker. The rapt attention provided by our club members and the most interactive Question & Answer session was indicative of what a great job Ashley did in her presentation.   Even with the audience comprising a wide range of ages and backgrounds Ashley was able to make her message relevant to everyone. We have had many excellent speakers and without a doubt Ashley’s presentation was one of, if not the, best in providing valuable take-home information. Personally, having to deal with some very recent losses, I found Ashley as an empathetic, caring and compassionate individual with a knowledge repertoire that made for easy conversation. I strongly recommend Ashley as your go-to person be it for personal support or as a valued presenter to larger audiences.”

–  John W., Rotary Club of Edmonton, January 2020


“Ashley’s presence on our recent Elevate: Mental Health panel was an absolute gift.  She brought the perfect combination of clinical perspective coupled with her own experiences.  Ashley speaks and shares from the heart and with this is able to create an instant and authentic connection with the audience.  The connection she creates allows for a safe space for others to share and really open themselves up to receive all of the information available.  Ashley, thank you for bringing love, grace, and heart to our event!”

– Jocelyn D., The Virtual Effect, January 2020


“Thank you for providing our team with such excellent tools. Everyone walked away from your session feeling really positive and full of praise, calling you “exceptional.” You are so warm and inviting but also know how to take charge of the room and facilitate a discussion on topics we may not have felt comfortable discussing otherwise. Your presentation of the information was simple but the insight we gained from it was remarkable. Our biggest takeaway will likely be that people in grief returning to the workplace wish to be heard and have their feelings validated. You reminded us to be ourselves in order to connect on a human level and armed us with compassionate responses.”

Milena J., Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, March 2019


“Ashley is professional, considerate and compassionate. She creates a forum for open, thoughtful and judgement-free discussions about grief. The team found it both helpful and comforting to share stories, express concerns and understand how displays of grief may vary. Our experience with Ashley has helped us move forward in a meaningful way.”

– Chelsey S., September 2018


“Ashley has amazing facilitation skills and effortlessly lead our group through thoughtful discussions; taking the time to listen, while absorbing the experiences shared by group members and acknowledging their journey. Ashley made the environment “safe” for genuine discussion and I hope that we can work together again in the future.”

– Todd G., Support Services Specialist, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, June 2018 


“When I was looking into finding someone to come in and speak with our Senior Management team on how to deal with loss and understanding the dynamics of grief I wasn’t really sure where to begin. I was so fortunate to have come across the Grief & Trauma Healing Centre’s website and encounter Ashley Mielke’s bio. After a brief discussion with Ashley I had no doubt that she would be able to provide a session for us on exactly what I was looking for. Ashley came in and led a discussion with our team relating to grief and loss and how to help others during their time of need. Her session was fantastic.  She reviewed forms of loss, responses to loss and myths about grief.  She generated a great discussion and really helped us to understand how to help someone through a time of loss and how we could be there during someone’s time of need. Ashley was professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.  I would recommend her to any individual or organization looking for someone to help them through grieving and loss and how to best support someone during their time of need.”

– Georgia W., Director, People & Engagement, Maclab Properties Group, April 2018


“Ashley Mielke recently provided a two-day workshop to approximately 20 staff on grief and compassion.  In addition to the psycho-educational and recovery from loss components, she also addressed cultivating compassion as a way of being, which contributed to thoughtful and contemplative discussions (and reflection) of how we are living our lives with the brief time we have on earth. While this information was excellent and very helpful, it was Ashley’s passion, compassion and heartfelt interactions with us as individuals that actually led to true changes in our lives. It left us wanting more. This workshop was inspirational and life altering. Because of it, we have chosen to participate in the Grief Recovery Method Certification Training for further support and knowledge in addressing grief and loss. Thank you Ashley.”

– Carol G., Registered Psychologist, September 2017


“Ashley Mielke came and spoke to a group of Retail Store Leaders and the Human Resources team at Hillberg and Berk. Initially the presentation was geared towards learning on what to say to clients who are handling personal loss. This presentation ended up being that and so much more. Ashley created a warm environment and allowed for everyone to feel extremely comfortable and the team was able to connect with each other on a new personal level.  Ashley truly made an impact on our team at Hillberg and Berk. She allowed for us to get vulnerable with one another which was a great bonding experience. Everyone was able to walk away feeling knowledgeable about self compassion as well as compassion for others.”

– Kelsey S., Retail District Manager, Hillberg & Berk, April 2017

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