Sherri Lees

Sherri Lees, B.A.

Mental Health Therapist | Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
(780) 288-8011

I feel a great sense of purpose when helping people navigate and heal from trauma. This purpose grew out of my own traumatic near-death experience during the birth of my third child.  Although the emergency surgery was successful and both my child and I survived, I was left with psychological scars. This personal experience of trauma has fuelled my desire to help others courageously face their own trauma, heal, and feel better equipped to handle the stresses of day-to-day life.

Completing a Master’s Degree in Counselling with my newborn and two more small children in tow was not an easy task.  But thanks to an amazing family and friend support team, I am now in my final semester of graduate studies. Professionally, I have had the privilege to work at the Boyle McCauley Health Clinic with people who face chronic homelessness. I have also been fortunate to intern at a private practice, where I journeyed with people experiencing anxiety, depression, and childhood emotional neglect. I am delighted to be working as a Mental Health Therapist with The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre. I am excited to continue to work with all genders and ages.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our young children. We enjoy simple activities like baking, swimming, reading, and playing outside. We love our “mini adventures” and try to create them every chance we get.

Professional Background

Sherri’s education includes a 4-year Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University of Alberta with an applied emphasis in Counselling Psychology. This degree included an internship with Families First Edmonton, where she was a part of the research team who collected data by visiting participant’s homes. In addition, she is currently completing her Master’s of Counselling at City University of Seattle. Her capstone is focused on the role of shame in therapeutic settings and how to effectively build shame-resiliency in adult women.

Professional Memberships

Sherri is a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta and The Grief Recovery Institute.

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