Gina Baretta

Gina Baretta, B.A.

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
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I first learned about understanding grief and loss while taking a third year undergraduate psychology course taught by Ashley Mielke. I learned the correct information about how to cope with grief and I began to incorporate it into my life. It became clear to me that loss is inevitable and grief is experienced by everyone.

Having had the experience of losing my dad tragically and unexpectedly at 18 years old, I was drawn to the material. Although I was equipped with the intellectual tools of Grief Recovery®, it wasn’t until I completed the Grief Recovery Method® Program myself that I achieved emotional completion with my loss. I like to compare it to baking a cake; you can read a recipe and the directions, but until you take action to bake the cake, it will remain unfinished.

My personal experience of completing the program, in addition to what I learned in University, motivated me to pursue a career in Grief Recovery®. I have a strong passion for helping others move forward through difficult, sad, and distressing times in their lives.

In my free time I enjoy trying local restaurants, running, spending time outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends. I am always up for trying new activities and I enjoy wine and cheese nights.

Professional Background

Gina graduated from Concordia University of Edmonton with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology in 2017. During her degree, Gina completed a practicum at Abbotsfield Youth Project where she worked with students in an elementary school teaching them about healthy life skills such as, trust, healthy relationships, responsibility, and communication skills. She also took courses in Counselling Skills, Professional Ethics, and Personality Assessment.

Gina also worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for Ashley Mielke at Concordia University of Edmonton. Some of her responsibilities included proctoring and marking exams and facilitating exam reviews for students.

Gina was recently accepted into the Master of Counselling program through City University. She will commence her graduate studies in September of 2018. She looks forward to continuing her journey toward becoming a Registered Psychologist.

Professional Memberships

Gina is a member of The Grief Recovery Institute.


Gina has appeared on Global TV Evening News on a segment about Grief and the Holidays.

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